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Welcome to Bruce Park Sports in Greenwich, CT                                             (203) 869 - 1382
A Family Owned and Operated Sporting Goods Store Founded in 1971



Monday thru Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm

Saturday 8:00am - 5:30pm
Sunday 11:00am - 3:00pm


•  Old Greenwich Riverside Community Center (OGRCC) is pleased to announce that Bruce Park Sports is their official clothing and equipment distributor for all of their baseball programs - Recreational, Cal Ripken, All-Stars and Thunder.

•  Greenwich Youth Lacrosse (GYL) is pleased to announce that Bruce Park Sports (BPS) is their official clothing distributor for the 2015 season. BPS looks forward to delivering superior quality products, innovative design and branding, and reliability to the GYL organization.

•  On March 15, 2015 Bruce Park Sports celebrated its 44th anniversary. The Greenwich Free Press profiled Bruce Park Sports and explained how the store differs from other retailers.

•  On January 21, 2015 Mark Bisanzo, CEO of Bruce Park Sports was interviewed by on the economic impact for retailers of a local professional football team reaching the Super Bowl. Mark discussed jersey trends of both local and national teams, and what drives customer's decision making when buying jerseys.

•  On June 11, 2014 Bruce Park Sports was featured on the front page of the Greenwich Time's Business Section. The article was on trends on jersey sales in the NHL, NBA and World Cup.

•  On May 14, 2014 Bruce Park Sports was featured on the lead page of the Greenwich Voice. The article was on Johnny Manziel and Michael Sam and if the store would be stocking their jerseys.

On April 13, 2014 Bruce Park Sports was featured in the business section of the Greenwich Time. The article was on the economic impact of UConn winning national championships in both men's and women's NCAA basketball.

Bruce Park Sports earned a perfect Google+ rating on May 31, 2012 with an overall score of 30.  Similar to the Zagat's Guide Scale, averaged scores are calculated on a 30 point scale based on reviews. 26-30 on the scale is considered "Extraordinary to Perfection."

Bruce Park Sports named Top Retail Sporting Goods Store in Greenwich for 2012, garnering a staggering 81% of the total votes.
Bruce Park Sports beat out the other 18 Greenwich, CT sports stores in the poll who collectively had 19% of the vote.

Matt Lauer mentioned Bruce Park Sports on The Today Show on January 23, 2012 while talking about small family owned businesses in a segment called "Throwback Store is Doorway into the Past."  Bruce Park Sports is name dropped by Lauer at the 3:53 mark when he said:
"We have a place like that in Greenwich, Connecticut - Bruce Park Sports - that used to be in this tiny little place just like that. They got bigger, they're still cool, it's fun."

On April 28, 2011 Bruce Park Sports was featured on the front page and sports page of the Greenwich Time. The article was a celebration for Tom Bisanzo's 40th Anniversary of building his sporting goods store from scratch. It highlighted the techniques Tom has used through the decades to maintain a healthy small business.

104 Mason Street • Greenwich, CT • (203) 869-1382 •

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